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IT Links & Downloads

MIT/SloanWired for Innovation, Technology and Innovation's effects on Societal Efficiency.

Sharon Turkle, Connected but aloneConnected, but alone?, Ms. Turkle studies how our devices and online personas are redefining human connection and communication.

CTP Proposal Collateral SheetCTPI Proposal Collateral Sheet, winning bids is not painful with Chameleon Technology Partners.

CTP Proposal ServicesCTPI Proposal Services, no matter where you are in your business development, capture, or proposal lifecycle, Chameleon Technology Partners can help.

CTP PrfCTPI Pricing Collateral Sheet, Chameleon Technology Partners is committed to creating a compliant and compelling cost volume and pricing strategy for your company.

Brookings InstituteElectronic Government, Mr. West @ Brookings performs a study on the Effective Use of Technology in Private and Public Sector Organizations, 2009.

FCCCMAS/, FCC article discussing CMAS, Public Safety, Technology and Policy.

Chameleon Deploys Concurrent Engineering. It's our Strategic Business Practice.

Concurrent Engineering Employs Multiple-Disciplinary and Business Functions
Concurrent Engineering is simply good for business.
Concurrent Engineering is indisputably critical to our success, and is the IT Industry future for new product and services delivery regardless of our size, client program sophistication, or product portfolio. Our competitive team of IT professionals have altered our product and process development cycles, adopting Concurrent Engineering to complete diverse, challenging operational tasks. Our Services include:

These Service Areas equally support our Company, and Clients--we eat our own dog food. Our Concurrent Engineering process is continuously reviewed and adjusted for ongoing opportunity improvement of both engineering and business operations. Concurrent Engineering leverages the work produced by multiple disciplines working simultaneously to develop and deliver marketable products and services. Leveraging wider aspects of capability concurrently, the amount of time necessary to deliver new products or services to market are significantly refined and ultimately reduced. Chameleon's capability includes not just Systems Engineering, but Proposal Construction Services, Program Management and R&D. In Federal IT Markets where Customers value schedule compression, reduced operational costs and fast-cycle delivery, Concurrent Engineering is our key to long-term future success. Our Concurrent Engineering Approach uses these feature characterizations: